Standard Partswasher


Standard Degreasing Parts Washer Certificate Number 9962 ISO 9001, ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 0161 430 5390 Is a site survey required prior to placing a machine order? If you are not sure which machine is most suitable for the application and/or area available to you then a site survey is highly recommended to ensure a successful and safe machine installation takes place. The range of PCWS sink-on-drum parts washers have been designed and constructed for the purpose of manual washing and degreasing component parts using a solvent based cleaner solution and suits most cleaning applications needed in a number of industries. Features

● Steel construction with powder coat nish.

● Handy ow through brush for cleaning stubborn oily engine parts.

● Bulk head light.

● Meshed tray to prevent large debris falling into drum.

● Fusible link device which will activate in the event of a re inside the sink area by closing the lid and extinguishing the re.

● Simple on/o mechanism to enable cleaning when required. Applications Suitable for cleaning oily engine parts for automotive, rail care and aerospace industries. Suitable for cleaning machine parts in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Suitable for cleaning ink plates, rollers and machine components in the printing industries.

Technical Data Machine size: (W) 570mm (L) 850mm (H) 890mm with lid shut (H) 1400mm lid open Machine weight: 32 kgs Solvent capacity: 30 litres Voltage: 110 and 240 volts Spray ow rate: 3.2 litres per min Max. load weight: 30Kgs