RDB22S Spray Gun Cleaner


The RDB22S has been designed to clean solvent spray guns automatically and manually. Designed with the new Autobox it provides users with a compact cleaning area which is supplied by pump fed recirculating solvent and the second pump provides an automatic clean rinse. As this machine has two work stations it means that manual cleaning of spray gun cleaners can also take place in the manual workstation at the same time as solvent spray guns being cleaned in the automatic work station. The unit is equipped with a flow through brush to clean the externals of the spray gun, a paint channel flush gun for the internal surfaces. Also supplied with a blowgun to dry off the spray guns after cleaning as well as a spray out facility.

• Automatic washing station, using re-circulating solvent with an automatic clean rinse
• Sink for manual cleaning, equipped with a flow through brush using re-circulating solvent and a spray handle using clean solvent
• Hands free – foot operated pumps for hands free operation.
• Sprayout facility
• Fume extraction
• Integrated air connection – the spray gun is supplied with compressed air for spray-out of the gun
• Air powered extraction unit – operates when the lid is opened and during manual washing. It efficiently protects the operator from harmful fumes
• Integrated nozzle in the lid is fed with clean thinner for manual rinse. This reduces solvent consumption and removes stubborn deposits
• The spray cradle – designed to give excellent cleaning results on all types of spray guns.
• The wash basin is made of stainless steel without any welding seams.
• Equipped with powerful Teflon Diaphragm pump for an efficient automatic wash of the spray gun.
• The moisture trap prevents water contaminants from penetrating the air system and the regulator ensure correct air pressure.

Technical Data:
Machine size: (H) 1510mm (W) 835mm (D) 650mm
Extractor Diameter: 125mm
Machine weight: 75 kg
Air Supply: 7 – 12 bar (110 – 180 psi)
Air consumption: 150 l/m (6 c.f.m)
Ventilation capacity required: 500 m3/h (310 c.f.m.)

Suitable for cleaning spray gun used in automotive, rail, aerospace, bodyshop and surface coating industries.