PCS25 Smartwasher


The PCS25 is a solvent free, easy to maintain bioremediating parts washer. The cleaning machine is heated to a temperature of 40°c and by using the unique bioremediation technology means that oil and grease are broken down by microbes maintaining the cleaning efficiency of the fluid and eliminating hazardous waste disposal. All you need to do is regularly top up with degreasing fluid and change the filter mat on a monthly basis and your Smartwasher will keep on cleaning.

• Solvent free, water based cleaning
• No vapours
• Non Toxic, non caustic, non flammable
• Reduced hazardous waste disposal costs
• Lower risk to employees and the environment
• Pump with timer
• 200 micron basket filter trapping larger particles
• Low fluid indicator
• Easy to maintain – change of a filter keeps SmartWasher cleaning
• Flexible nozzle with powerful cleaning with adjustable flow rate
• Flo-Thru brush with self cleaning jets

Technical Data:
Overall dimensions: (W) 736mm x (L) 991mm x (H) 1016mm
Inside sink dimensions: (W) 432mm x (L) 660mm x (H) 178mm
Machine weight: 112 Kgs (when full) 32 Kgs (when empty)