The PCWS MAQ30 is a new addition to our range of aqueous manual cleaning machines providing our customers with a convenient, sturdy, compact machine which is easy to use and handy for cleaning components such as motorbike parts, small engineering components and automotive car parts.

As with all our aqueous parts washers the PCWS MAQ30 will give you all the power that solvents can provide but is more user and environmentally friendly as it uses a water based solution which is non-hazardous and safe on all metals and most plastic surfaces.

• Foot switch – ideal for easy hands free operator control.
• Manual Operation – manual loading and unloading of machine; manually control all machine functions from the electric panel; manual filling, draining of tank and adding detergent.
• Brush and Support – handy cleaning brush with integrated support bracket.
• Control Panel – washing pump light, low water level light, heating light, panel lock, thermostat for wash temperature and cut off switch.
• Pump – FA-180 wash pump
• Drain Valve – for easy drainage operation
• Heating box – correct working temperature can be pre-set manually based on the recommendation of the water based solutions used

Technical Data:
Min liquid volume: 28 litres
Max liquid volume: 80 litres
Support measures: 480 x 480 mm
Max load capacity: 40 kg
Max. temperature range allowed: 45 degree centigrade
Total machine weight: 50 kg
Drain connection: 1”
Water heater: 2 kW
Wash pump power: 55 W
Required power: 2,2 kW
Max. required current: 9,5 A
Supply tension: 230 V
Phase: 1 Ph
Frequency: 50 Hz
Electrical panel protection: IP55
Kind of liquid to be used: Water + non-hazardous and non-foaming detergents in compliance with the standards required (see technical sheet supplied with the detergent)

Suitable for cleaning components such as motorbike parts, truck parts, automotive car parts, small engineering components and machine parts for various Industries such as printers.

Cleaning Machine Hire

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