Magido L35 001


Magido L35

Magido L35: YO45

Aqueous parts washers are an effective, safe and non hazardous alternative to solvent based cleaners. By listening to our customers and through our knowledge and years of experience supplying and servicing cleaning machines to a variety of different industries we have selected a range of machines to suit all needs.

All these machines are reliable, durable and suitable for cleaning a variety of parts and components such as metal, plastic, ceramics and rubber; removing oil and other contaminants such as fats, inks, coating and paints.  Our range includes automatic and manual machines and are available with features such as programmable solution temperatures and wash times. The solutions recommended for use in our machines are safe for workers, safe for the environment and provide a high quality cleaning performance.

The ML35 is an aqueous manual parts washer; constructed from stainless steel with a substantial dip tank with removable work trays.

Why not hire our machine at very competitive rates. Email us: s[email removed by eBay] or call 0161 430 1111 for a bespoke service based on your machine usage (one week service up to a maximum 12 week service package). 


Basket dimension - Ø380mm
Load height - 340mm
Load weight - 70kg
Wash tank capacity - 40L
Wash pump - 0.55kW
Spray rate wash pump - 65L/min
Working pressure wash pump - 2.5bar
Wash tank heating element - 2kW
Temperature - 20-60°C
Power requirements - 2.55kW
Voltage - 230V