3600 Spray Gun Cleaner


To ensure a long service life as well as maintaining a flawless and professional spray finish we recommend using one of the 3 spray gun cleaners we sell or hire (and service). All our machines are reliable and durable; have unbeatable wash power to suit all needs; are environmentally friendly by reducing the environmental impact and offering the best working environment for users; a better investment by re-circulating solvent with clean rinse which saves valuable time and solvent.

The 3600 is intended to clean air driven spray guns only, using thinner based solvents.  It is the smallest of the three gun cleaners and ideal where space is limited. It is an air powered, semi automatic unit that is easy to use and has built-in extraction to improve the work environment.

• Integrated air connection – the spray gun is supplied with compressed air for spray-out of the gun
• Air powered extraction unit – operates when the lid is opened and during manual washing. It efficiently protects the operator from harmful fumes.
• Integrated nozzle in the lid is fed with clean thinner for manual rinse. This reduces solvent consumption and removes stubborn deposits.
• The spray cradle – designed to give excellent cleaning results on all types of spray guns.
• Foot operated pumps for hands free operation.
• The wash basin is made of stainless steel without any welding seams.
• Equipped with powerful Teflon Diaphragm pump for an efficient automatic wash of the spray gun.
• The moisture trap prevents water contaminants from penetrating the air system and the regulator ensure correct air pressure.

Technical Data:
Machine size: (Height) 990mm (Diameter) 700mm
Machine weight: 30 kgs
Working pressure: 110 – 180 psi (7 – 12 bar)
Air consumption: 250 l/m (9 c.f.m)
Extractor diameter: 125mm

Suitable for cleaning spray gun used in automotive, rail, aerospace, bodyshop and surface coating industries.

The appropriate maintenance is very important to the function of your spray gun as well as its life expectancy. Not cleaning your spray gun equipment sufficiently can, over time completely block air ducts; even “soaking” the spray guns in thinners can lead to problems as the affects of the accumulation of dirt are not immediately apparent.